We spent the last 21 years becoming the accomplished engineering team we are by also paying great attention to our clients’ wishes. So, we became masters of asking the right questions. And, when the answers come, our specialized team have the insight and the experience to point you to the right solutions.

Connected to the    right source?
Best output checked.

Our credo is “High Quality control for high quality products”, so every bit of the process is extremely scrutinized- from concept and design, to the last production stages and testing. What do we mean by high quality? Only the brightest ideas, the most impressive solutions, the most innovative procedures and the best testing practices are acceptable. We are well aware that reliable, high-end products need top capabilities, so our trained engineers will match every technical difficulty or challenge they receive.


Our partnership needs only a spark, to begin with. Give us a problem, a need, a challenge or a difficulty you have and our expert team will match it with the right solution, idea, design and product. We also offer design for manufacturing, so that your product can perform flawlessly in most manufacturing and production conditions.

Cutting edge?

The reason why we invested heavily in technology and production equipment lately was the need to rise to the challenge of matching the creative and engineering talent of our design and developement team with likewise production and technical mastery. Reinforcing the equipment and production team was not sufficient, we also updated our production, testing and storing conditions.


Guided by the principle of mutual assistance and professional ethics, the Tehnologistic Team also favors the same equal and friendly approach with customers, suppliers and partners, as with colleagues and co-workers. We are dynamic, flexible and approachable, yet firm and uncompromising in our work ethics, as we strive to always give the best results. Moreover, our key differentiator is… our minds and training, topped with decade of experience from our senior team members. Tehnologistic is specialized in high mix, low to medium volume production runs of all complexities ranging from surface mount technology (SMT), Through Hole (PTH), and mixed technology printed circuit board assemblies, however we offer prototyping as well. Our production capacity speed is up to 40.000 components / hour. We also offer functional and in-circuit test with test engineering design support.